Friday, January 23, 2015

Whimsybykelly2015 Day23

Thank you Kelly for today's prompt.
I had returned home from the funeral services for my friend's mom and was reading my e-mail when I saw your post. I started looking for something to do a pattern on and ran across the envelopes I had for ATC's (I forgot I had them). I called myself drawing bicycle wheels but they look more like some kind of flower or sea urchiny type thing. I made a small cluster of them in the middle of the envelope and colored the edges of the envelopes. This led me to realizing the envelopes are the perfect size for a journal I am making. I will now be doing some artwork on those and including them in my journal, thanks. I also started trying to figure out how to make the gajillion bus pass things I have into tags. I covered one side of one with tissue paper and the front of another one with the painted magazine pages I have. On the second one I used a strip of beaded fringe I had on the top. The tissue paper covered one is very transparent but I think I can add some paint on it and other embellishments to cover and pretty it up.

ATC envelope
Tags part 1

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