Friday, January 16, 2015

Floor tile 2

I have managed to complete a second tile for Joey's challenge showing Decollation as four mini tiles.
I also completed my That's New To Me tile. I actually did these earlier this week and haven't had an opportunity to post them yet.

Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge #43-2 Tangle:Decollation (JLJohnson)

That's New To Me #2 Tangles:Cabana, Cayla, Cornman, Curl

As I am sometimes memory challenged, this year I am keeping track of my weekly challenges on index cards. I write down what the challenge is and once I have completed it I put a check mark next to it. I then put a second check mark in either colored pencil or colored pen once I post it.


  1. Your creative and organized too! :)

  2. Nice tile! Are the "acorn looking things" a pattern? Good organization thought too. I have mine in a small notepad and cross them out when I finish the challenge.

    1. Thank you. The small acorn looking things are Cornman (kind of biggified).

  3. Very cool tiles ... I particularly like the 2nd one :)
    ~ Diane Clancy