Sunday, January 4, 2015

Creating day 4

Today I created a more manageable workspace (hopefully), no picture available. I also created my pages in my sketchbook in anticipation of the Diva's challenges for 2015.

My sketchbook is a Canson Mix-Media 7 in x 10in book. I divided the pages in half and then measured of for the 31/2 in height. This leaves with a space to write the number and description of each challenge. After I complete the challenge I scan and crop it before I post it.

I also created two new pages on my blog for my 2013 and 2014 challenges that I completed in 2014( a few were completed in 2015). I still have two challenges to complete; # 19 from 2011 and #142 from 2013. These require a little more thought on my part, but I do plan to try and complete them soon. I also plan on posting pages for the 2011 and 2012 Diva challenges as well.

I have to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings this week so will probably not be doing anything until the afternoon on those days.

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