Monday, January 26, 2015


Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge is to tangle your hand.
She stated when she got this idea it made her laugh. Well I was rolling on the floor laughing when I saw the challenge. You see, I tangle hands (and feet). See my page on this blog. I am cheating by posting the first tangles I did of my hands. Will do one again later this week as these are almost two years old now and I have come quite a way since I did these. My new one will be of my left hand unless I can get some one to trace the right one for me.

Left Hand TanglesBubbles, Bucky, Bugles, Bunzo, Buttercup, Bwiya, Cack, Carres, C-Scape, Charlie, Clothesline

Right Hand Tangles: Cadent, Camelia, Candleglow, Cat-Kin, Chainging/Punzel, Casella, Cayke, Canard, Capella, Centrifuge, Chordin, Dust Bunny (JLJ)

Just for fun I am adding my feet. I will not list all the tangles. Feet can be a little more fun (and sometimes prettier) than hands because there is more linear space to work in.

Left foot

Right Foot


  1. these are terrific! I never would have thought of doing feet, though I think tangling in a hand outline has been in my mind for a while. The outline of your right hand has a certain perspective to it, which i like. Lots of fun!

  2. love them! like the idea to tangle a foot1I am goin to do that sometime

  3. Well you went the full length for this one :) :) Wonderful ideas!! I really like that the first hand has all the texture of the drawings on the page :)

    ~ Diane Clancy

  4. wow.. this is fantastic ... Love your tangled hands & Feet