Sunday, January 11, 2015

Quilled work

I had mentioned to Zoe Brener that I would post some of my old quilling work on my blog.
I decided today would be a good day to go find those pieces and post them to my blog. I went down to the basement to find my quilling pieces so I could scan them to be posted. While I was down there I did some straightening up and threw some things out. I also found some stuff to use in my workspace. I came back up and scanned the work, some of the scans are blurry and not all the colors came out right. I will try later to get some better pictures to post. I then looked at the posts on the Diva's challenge for a couple of hours. I then took a break and started rearranging some stuff on my desk. I ran across a doodle book that I bought last year at the thrift store. I took it apart to have some inspirational pages for a possible journal. I then finished looking at the Diva's post and posted my daily creative work to Kelly's site. By the time I did all that it was time to write my regular post. I don't really have any artwork to post on here but you can go look at my Quilling page.

I have also been thinking about my word for the year. I have a list and contemplated doing a word a month (I may still do that). I think my overall word for this year is going to be Finish.

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