Monday, January 26, 2015

#whimsybykelly2015 Day 26

Today's creativity is more mental than visual.
I have been prepping some projects to work on. In order to create we have to sometimes prepare.

My index card list of challenges has been prepped to be a journal at the end of the year. I basically punched three holes across the tops of the cards and scored them. I plan on doing the japanese binding again and with the cards scored you can flip up and see each page. I also took 12 colored index cards and prepped them to put the months on and the monthly challenges. I found an art monthly challenge, a ATC challenge, and a challenge involving a deck of playing cards that I may try but probably won't actively participate in. I wrote the week's dates on the tops of the cards and right now am keeping them together with rubber bands.

I sorted through my photos to try and complete at least one of my scrapbooks. It is kind of a family/genealogy scrapbook. Since I don't really have the money to buy scrapbook paper I will probably be decorating the white pages I have with my Pigma pens and Derwent colored and inktense pencils. Hopefully I can purchase some paper later for the really special papers.

I have been using my journal I made the other day to play a little bit in and take notes while watching YouTube.

While doing all this I found some stencils that I bought years ago and have been looking for for the last 5 years. Happy, happy, joy, joy.


  1. That's a great idea for the index cards. I'm finding myself getting a little (or a lot) lost in the challenges I've signed up for.
    How fun to find those "missing" purchases. I'm going to clean through some of my stuff today. Wonder what I'll find!