Thursday, January 22, 2015


Maybe it's the generation I'm from, I don't know...
I have been watching a lot of stuff on YouTube recently and it amazes me what some people don't know. I was watching a tutorial on embellishing paper clips and the person doing it stated that she didn't know there was a right way to use the paper clip. Is this because people no longer store materials or need to hold papers together since everythin is done on the computer? My reaction was, seriously!!! Then I watched another tutorial and the person (a different one) was again explaining the proper end of the paperclip to decorate. There are other things that I have seen that point out the generational differences. I am going to try and keep paper and pencil handy to jot some of them down.

Ooh well. I worked on my other challenges today and here are the results.

Tackle It Tuesday: J-A-N

Tangles: Joy, Aura-Leah, Notez (Melinda Grant Butcher)
 I like to draw Aura-Leah without the line going through it. I think it gives it a more dimensional and optical look.

It's A String Thing #76

String 084; Tangles: Trumpits, Oolo, Fjord

That's New to Me #3: V

Tangle: Veezley

Sometimes it takes awhile to adjust to a tangle. I had done this tangle in my book and it looked crazy so I never used it. This challenge gave me an opportunity to look at it and try it again. I really like the one that ended up looking like partial flowers.


  1. Great drawings! Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

  2. Like your version of Aura-Leah also!

  3. Ooh, Love your rendition of the string thing challenge! Oolo is a new favorite of mine, and the way you broke up the architectural lines of that string with oolo is very nice. These are all three really nice. I also think your signature pink bubble is adorable!

  4. I love what you did with the string challenge! I can't even tell that the string is there. Well done!

  5. Cool V and lovely other tiles too!!
    ~ Diane Clancy