Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Calendars and Stripes

This week at Joey's Tangle Challenge she asked us to tangle a calendar. I had already torn apart the remainder of my 2014 calendar and decided to use it. I tangled on November because it had the most usable space. Now I will have something pretty to look at in a few months.

Joey's Weekly Challenge
Tangles: Oke, Spiteria (Wanphai Nongrum), Easy 3's (Lila P), Cornerz, Bales, Hi-Cs, Curl, I am unsure what the tangle on the 12th is.
 I also scanned the picture on the reverse side as it is of the Country Club Plaza (affectionately referred to as the Plaza by local residents) lights. I love to see this spectacle, especially from an elevated position. The picture is pretty, but nothing compares to coming over a hill and seeing the lights of the Plaza; it is awesome and beautiful. People come from all over to see the lights turned on for the first time on Thanksgiving night. This ceremony began with 16 light bulbs hung over a doorway and now includes over 80 miles (15 blocks) of lights with 280,000 multi colored bulbs outlining the buildings and towers of the Plaza. This year will mark the 85th anniversary of the Plaza lighting ceremony.

Plaza Lights
Photo by Dale Parker

The Diva's Challenge was Stripes. I contemplated using Striping, but I'm still not sure how to do it right. I think I will do another tile later to see how I like it. 

Diva's Challenge 182 2014
Tangles: Strircles, Jilli, Kandy Ribnz, Jessicup

I have to go to work later and don't know what I will get done today. As always your comments are welcome. Have a blessed day.