Sunday, August 24, 2014


I worked on my large ZIA collage and one of the hands today. I just finished the hand, and that's where the oops comes in. I almost didn't finish the large ZIA because I wasn't liking the direction it was going. I went ahead and finished it anyway, and like it more than I did at first. On the hand I attempted the tangle Pea-nuckle and it became an oops.
I am going to have to work on it some more because what I ended up with is not Pea-nuckle. I like it though.

Decollation Collage
Tangles: Daggerly, Intersection, Maryhill, Rosewood, Hi-Cs, Z-Tril, Paradox, Ixorus, Afterglo, Decollation (JLJohnson), Moving Day, Xplode, Geuwurtz, Hi-Cs, Roscoe, Web, Squill, Hi-Cs, Hurry, Ixorus, Hi-C's, Fracas, Henna Drum, Fescu, Zinger

I tried to list the tangles used from upper right (leftmost tangle) going down on the diagonal. Hi-Cs and Ixorus are listed more than once because different versions of the tangles were used.

John Edward Hand
Tangles: Meer, Planturn (JLJohnson), Pea-nuckle (oops), Reticulated with Tipple, Seminole Patchwork, Asian Fans
The stepouts for Planturn and Decollation can be found on this site.
I ended up going on line with the library and putting several books on hold so I can try and figure out Microsoft(R) Word and Excel.

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