Saturday, September 6, 2014

Trying something different

I am a client of Google Fiber and used Google as my search engine. My son-in-law had put Mozilla on my computer and I didn't really use it. Due to problems watching Netflix and connecting to certain sites with Google, I am now trying Mozilla. I have noticed a difference in picture quality while watching Netflix, much better. I can also get to most of the sites I don't look at a lot. Google kept giving me a non secure message and I would have to go to Mozilla to get to the site. Now I get to figure out how to customize Mozilla for my taste. As stated yesterday I haven't done any tangles today. I have worked a little bit on my project, added some more blogs to follow and am in the process of looking at other people's efforts on the challenges I follow. Tomorrow doesn't look very promising either. I have some websites I want to look at and need to look up some information for my friend's mother. I will be working Monday morning this week and won't be able to start my challenges until Monday evening. However since Every Inchie Monday and Twinchie Tuesday have their list of words posted for the year I can do them ahead of time. I may work on those tomorrow, but will not post them on my blog until the appropriate time.

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