Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I have been play-ING with ING all day. At first I was doing something that wasn't quite right and then I corrected it. I also did some play with X-did.

First X-did. I am still playing around with different ideas in my head and haven't really done any fills.

Next my ING. I really like this tangle for the possibilities. Just looking at some that have been posted so far shows there is a world of possibilities with this. I also like the name, it is very playful.

ING wrong

Watch-ING John Carter of Mars(love that movie)


Still work-ING on this one

 The last one is a possible entry for the Diva's Challenge. I did throw in a little Rixty and some curlicues.

I worked this afternoon and will be working tomorrow. I do home health care for my friend's mom/ Apparently she does not like the young lady who comes on Monday's and Wednesday's. She can be difficult temperament wise, the job itself is not difficult. She also doesn't like the lady who comes in the morning and really doesn't care for the visiting nurse people either. I a going to have to do some praying and meditating on this situation. The family is trying to keep her in her home but she really doesn't like anyone being there. This wouldn't be the problem it is if she was not paralyzed on the right side. Her daughter told me apparently I am the only one she likes. I am having a difficult time financially right now and could use the extra income. It just takes a lot of time out of my day when I go over there. I am giving myself a week to debate what I am going to do.

Oh well, off to some more play-ING, and contemplate-ING.


  1. So interesting to see you play-ING in your sketchbook. I always like to see an artist's progress. Very nice tiles. I like the Look-ING one. I sympathise with your work situation. I have home health care (rheumatoid arthritis) but I love my PSW. She makes my life so much easier. It is a much needed profession. Thank you from all of us that need you.

  2. Great work and thanks for sharing the process with us.

  3. Thanks for sharING pages from your SketchBook. I love to see the creative process of artists.

    1. Thank you for your response and for calling me an artist.

  4. You've obviously been work ING at it! And you managed well too. I specially like look ING.

  5. I also enjoyed seeing how you approached this week's challenge. I hope you will discover a solution to your job quandary. I went through some of that with my parents and I've pledged that I will try to make my own plans so our sons won't have to deal with a curmudgeonly, stubborn, irrational version of me when I'm older.(Easier said than done---I'm sure).

    1. Thank you. I told my daughter to just bear with me because I'm likely to do or say anything.