Thursday, November 6, 2014

Post 1

My next few posts are going to be picture heavy. I apologize in advance. Today I am doing three posts.
This post is for the remainder of  my Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenges: 11-19,22,32. My second post will be for some of my It's A String Thing catchup challenges. The third post will be for last week's Inchie, Twinchie, and other miscellaneous things I have been working on.

Challenge 11 what do you see in the summer night sky Tangles: Funf, Crescent Moon

Challenge 12 use only tangles that start with E or Z; Tangles: Zander, Eke, Eye-Wa, Eyelet and Ribbons

Challenge 13 tangle in a circle; Tangles: SeZ, Hypnotic, Echoism

Challenge 14 floral tangle; Tangles: Drupe, Blooming Butter

Challenge 15 tangle country's flag; Tangles: Pokeleaf, Cat-kin, Nine Patch, Fescu, Fiore, Zinger

Challenge 16 tangle a border; Tangles: Agua, C-scape, Eez, AA's

Challenge 17 tangle a tree; Tangles: Allium, Antidots, Pokeleaf, A-Fog, Hibred, Ansu

Challenge 18 trace and tangle an object; Object: Capricorn symbol Tangles: Strircles, Aquafleur

Challenge 19 monotangle of optical illusion; Tangle:Maryhill

Challenge 22 tangle two of something; Tangles: Maddie 2, Polka

Challenge 32 tangle the word BOO; Tangles, Paradox, Rosewood, Vortex

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