Friday, November 7, 2014

Catchup #4

I am posting some more of my It's A String Thing challenge catchups tonight.
I have about 9 more to complete before I will be caught up on this challenge. I am also going to post my responses to this week's challenges in a separate post.

#12 String 017, Tangles: Bumpkenz, Bulb Lanterns, Betweed

#30 String Real Life String; Tangles: Pendrils, Pepper, Peaks Border, Pokeleaf

#31 String Lucky String; Tangles:Lucky, Paradox

#32 String 024;Tangles: Warped Eggs, Wired, Wirly Bird

#34 String 029;Tangles: Sand Swirl, Sanibelle, Snag

#35 String 047;Tangles:Crescent Moon, Chillon

#37 String 031;Tangles: Paushalov, Pavonia, Paizel, Palrevo

#38 String 032;Tangles: Aquafleur, Aura Leah, AA's

#39 String 036;Tangles:Mooka, Meer, Msst, Mak-rah-mee
#40 String 043;Tangles: Beelight, Beadlines

#41 String 026;Tangles: River, River Stones, Ripples
#42 String 038;Tangle Knightsbridge

#43 String 037; Tangles:Hypnotic, Hibred, Hollibaugh, Huggins
#44 String 044; Tangles: Navaho, Nipa, N'Zeppel 
#45 String 10; Tangles: Dex, Demi, Diamonds & Squares, Dooledo

#48 String 046; Tangles: Purk, Printemps, Pippin

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