Friday, November 28, 2014


say never. I had a lesson in that this Thanksgiving.
Last year I cooked my first whole turkey. I'm over 50 and had never fixed a whole turkey before. After wrestling and fighting with the 22 lb bird to get it cleaned, seasoned and in the cooking bag ( not to mention, in the oven) I said "I am never cooking a turkey again. So, on Tuesday, what does my better half bring home? You got it, a turkey. Needless to say, I ended up cooking a turkey again this year. Saving grace, the turkey was only about 12 lbs this year. Lesson learned, never say never ( and at my age, I should already know that).

I have been out of sorts this week and didn't do a lot of blogging. I have been working on my tangles and even some of those have presented a mental challenge to me this week. I am not big on the holidays and each year they become more of a challenge for me. I just kind of muddle through and try to enjoy what I can. I love the music and the trappings, there just seems to be something lacking for me. So, if I don't blog as much for the next few weeks you'll know why.

I revisited the Diva's challenge and came up with this.

Tangles: Roel, Ripples
It's A String Thing:

String 064;Tangles: Drip Drop, Jax, Undling

Tackle It Tuesday B-E-R

Tangles: Basketweave, Escalator, Roel

Diva's Challenge catchup:
Tangles:Striping, Tortuca, Twisted Rope

Tangles: Squares, Sprocket, Spinners

Tangles: Mooka, Tipple

17 Tangles: Knightsbridge; 18 Tangles:Drupe, Daggerly, Cracked, Meer
 Challenge 17 was to work on/complete a tangle in 15 minutes. This included drawing the string, doing the tangles and shading. I was only able to complete the outer portion on my tile in the 15 minute time period.
20 Tangles: Knightsbridge, Queen's Crown

21 Tangles: Oof, Mooka, Msst, Fescu

23 Tangles: Tink, Triral, Opus, Printemps; 24 Tangles: Antidots, Coil, Pokeleaf, Hollibaugh

25 Tangles: Paradox, Echo, Zenplosion Folds, Coil, DL Sunray, Laced; 26 Tangles: Eyelet and Lace

27 Tangles: Dex, Verdigogh; Tangles: Tripoli


  1. Wow!!! You have been very busy...hope it was relaxing and very zen for you. Sometimes we just have those days...weeks...months where we just need to "parent" ourselves and take time to feel better. Take care!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I think you are right about the parenting.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. Yes, and I am still going (miles to go before I sleep).

  3. Hm, I'm 3rd to say that you have been 'busy', so it must be true :-)
    I especially like your String Thing tile, it's fun to see how different your and mine results are.
    Take care and try to catch some zen.