Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Picture Post

I am caught up with my Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenges, all except for this weeks. This week we are to tangle a mandala, not sure if I will get this done on time.
I basically started doing Joey's challenges with # 20 and had done all of the ones for 20-31 except for 22. I am going to post 1-10 tonight along with some sugar skulls and a shoe for my daughter I did while on hiatus.

Challenge 1 Tangle any pattern in a 9 square "Tic Tac Toe" box; Tangle Paradox

Challenge 2 Do a simple design surrounded by different size bubbles

Challenge 3 Tangle First letter of name and leave letter in negative space. Use tangle that begin with that letter. Tangles: Juke, Joy

Challenge 4 Include egg shape, min of 4 tangles including Warped Eggs

. Tangles: W2, Weben, Cadent

Challenge 5 tangle mountains. Tangles: Hollibaugh, Tearce

Challenge 6 tangle a bookmark; Tangle Henna Drum

Challenge 7 use a string and highlight it; String 001, Tangles: Betweed, Onomato, Quare

Challenge 8 tangle nothing bigger than a Twinchie and tangle representing something tiny; Twinchie Tangle: Ennies

Challenge 9 include the tangle Queen's Crown; Tangles: Queen's Crown, Knustler

Challenge 10 use string 010 and tangles with straight lines or circles: Tangles: Dooleedo, Snugz

Blue Sugar Skull Tangles; Pokeleaf, Squid, Helen Williams String Thing

Deck of Cards Sugar Skull Tangles: Cat-kin, Aquafleur

Orange Sugar Skull Tangles:Henna Drum, Dragonair, Beadline, Bunzo

Jessica's Pump :Tangles Knightsbridge, Meer, gee-whiz (my daughter's middle name starts with a G), Huggins, Riki Tiki

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