Monday, December 15, 2014

Catchup update

It dawned on me earlier today that Christmas is next week. Who knew?
I don't really do a lot for the holidays other than lament on how late I wait to do things. I wanted to make cards and some decorations. I have done neither. I have the some of the supplies, just haven't done anything. I checked out my Monday challenges earlier today and saw the Diva is going on holiday break after this week and she challenged us to keep it simple; of course you know that's secret speak for spending days pondering on how to keep it simple, thus making it not simple :O. Joey wanted us to think about what the holidays mean to us and tangle with that (i.e. putting a word or phrase on the tile). Again I will be pondering this for a few days. All of this in the midst of trying to get enough money to keep my lights on, buy groceries, tend to my friend's mother, get my phone turned back on and keeping my internet going. Oh well, such is life and I tangle on. The last few days I have been working on the 2012 Diva Challenge tiles. I have managed to complete over half of them and will be working on them some more after I post my blog. I decided to do the UMT challenges and other tangle challenges after I did the first few tiles. That way I could kind of bounce around and not have to actively concentrate on a string. I am saving those and Pea-nuckle (one of the harder tangles for me) for last.

Without further ado, a lot of pictures for your viewing pleasure. The first two pictures are for the inchie and twinchie challenges.


53 Undine

54 Tangles: Huggins, Looby Loo, Chainging

56 Tangles: SeZ, Munchin

55 Tangles: Florz, Knightsbridge, Purple Pearls

57 Tangles: Sanibelle, Fescu

58 Tangles: Paradox
60 Tangles: Cirquital, Munchin

61Tangles: Golven, Msst, Raindotty, Krli-Q, Sundoo
62 Spiral vs Paradox

63 Fengle

64 Tangles: Purk, Daggerly, Chard, Ixorus, Knightsbridge, Zenplosion Falls, Florez, Betweed

65 Tangles: Huggy Bear, Hi-C's

66 Tangles: Drip Drop, Krli-Q, Hibred

  1. 68 Tangles: Strircles, Hibred
69 Groovy

72 Crescent Moon
73 Tangles: Bridgen, Crescent Moon
75 Cadent

77 Tangles: Fiore de Pietrp, Knightsbridge

78 Auraknot
82 Brayd

85 Tangles: Copada, Slalom

89 Tangles: Sankegg, Crescent Moon

91 Beads of Courage

94 Socc
98 Tangles: Keenees, Dragonair

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