Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tangly Day

I have spent today catching up on my challenges and my e-mail.
I have managed to whittle down my e-mail list and have just a few things to peruse in more depth. I have also managed to catch up on some of my challenges and have added another one to my list.

The Diva's Weekly Tangle Challenge #212 Tangle: Fanz (Susan Goetter)

Every Inchie Monday: knitting Tangle:Knitting (Suzanne McNeill)

It's A String Thing #87; String by Adele Bruno; Tangles: Loop (Amelie Liao, CZT), 'Brella (Bunny Wright, CZT)

Beginning last week the Tackle It Tuesday challenge started a new challenge. We are to use a designated string, any tangle pattern(s) as long as one is a new pattern that we haven't used before. I have identified the new tangle with an *.
Tackle It Tuesday (03/31/15);String 002; Tangles: Cloudfall* and Lealad (Lily Moon), Meer, Crescent Moon and Onomato (Zentangle(R))

Tackle It Tuesday (04/07/15);String 003; Tangles: Onion Drops*(Shasta Garcia), Hypnotic (Elena Hadzijaneva), Paradox, Flux, Onomato and Zinger (Zentangle(R))


  1. Your fanz are stunning, with that deep 3D shading and perspective. Lots of good stuff here. Your piece for Tackle it Tuesday is way cool. So much interesting stuff to look at.

  2. So much work, all great! My favourite is how you did the 3-D Fanz.

  3. So much beautiful stuff. I have to say, I love the last one most of all.

  4. They are all fantastic! You are great with perspective and seeing tangles and using them in unique ways. Thanks for sharing. They are beautiful! Sarah.

  5. Love your tangles, big and small.

  6. Janice, you managed an Escher-like dimension to your Fanz--way cool! I haven't seen "Knitting," so I guess I'll have to do that one, too! Have a brilliant day! c

  7. Each of these has it's own personality! The Fanz is so dimensional I love the composition! And the loop/string challenge is my favoritie with that background linework! Gorgeous! I always enjoy coming to see what you are up to!

  8. Great variety and wonderful pieces this week, JL!

  9. Your Fanz are amazing and all your other entries are lovely!! I am in awe!! (I am sooo behind in comments!!)

    ~ Diane Clancy