Monday, March 2, 2015

Journal update

 I took a week off from blogging and tangling to work on my journals.
I have also been thrift store shopping. I was actually looking for buttons and sewing things to add to a sewing tin I am making for my daughter. I found a National Geographic Road Atlas book, one of the big ones, for .25. I consider that my best buy of the year, it was originally $22.00. I picked up a really colorful interior decorating book, some patterns and a few other odds and ends that I will be using in future journals.

Here are some photos of some journals I did last week.

This is a smaller journal I had started several years ago and never put together. The front and back covers and the signatures.

 This journal is small also, but it is a little larger than the one above. These photos show the signatures, and the outside and inside of the front and back covers.

These are three small journals. The one on the left was made from a leather coat sleeve, the middle one is this really pretty lavender and the one on the right is a small journal made from Christmas paper.

 The two journals below were made to hold my small paper and embellishment stash for doing artsy craftsy stuff. The signatures were made from paper CD sleeves and they are bound with rubber bands.

This is a medium size journal that has collage and painted covers. It is still a work in progress as I need to make some alterations to the cover and come up with a closure for it.

This is one of my larger journals and was created to house stickers and other embellishments. The outside of the cover does not have anything on it yet.

This little journal was from an idea I saw on YouTube by Sea Lemon. She has tons of tutorials on bindings and she made a mini albumn from cassette tapes. I couldn't resist this idea, so I made one. I am in the process of making another one using a slightly different method for constructing it. I ended up using different signatures in the book.


  1. Love your collection of journals. (Now I know what to do with all my old cassette tapes.) :)

  2. Thank you. The cassette one is really unique and easy.