Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Work in progress

I have several things going on right now and am headed for sensory overload.
I have been working on a wreath since right after Christmas and still haven't finished it. Part of the problem is my limited work space. Right now I feel like I'm working in a box about the size of a Zentangle(R) tile. I currently have two canvases laying on top of my washer and dryer to do an art project and my poor wreath has been moved from my workspace to the dining room table to the living room floor and back to my workspace. Hopefully I will have the major part of the wreath completed this week, but for now here is a photo of it in progress.

I add a few balls each time I work on it and then wait for the glue to set up. I don't use hot glue so I have to wait on the glue to dry and make sure the balls don't fall off. I decided today to use a small piece of duct tape folded in half to help hold the ball in place while waiting on the glue. I am working on some ideas to fill in the gaps between the balls also.

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