Saturday, February 14, 2015

Inchie journal

Earlier this year I wrote all the Every Inchie Monday words on my calendar, and as I completed the challenge I was gluing it to the calendar.
I lost my original artwork from last week because I didn't glue it on my calendar page right after I scanned it. I am hoping it is tucked in with something else and not part of the landfill. This week I almost lost my inchie again, so I decided to create a journal as that is much easier to keep track of than my calendar. I took a piece of 100 lb Bristol Smooth paper and created an accordion folder with room for 6 strips of paper on each side. I cut up my calendar so that I had 12 strips of Mondays. I used Mod Podge and glued this to the folder. I also cut out the mini monthly calendars on the pages and will use those to label each month.

This is what I have so far.

I am going to create a way to wrap this and have a closure for it. Still working on editing so the first picture is upside down ( I just realized that, sorry).

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