Wednesday, January 28, 2015

not lost; found

You know how you buy stuff and put it up? Later you are looking for it, you know you have it, but you can't find it.
In the process of trying to make some journals to use up some stuff I have and just experimenting. I have found some of those things. I found some stencils that I hadn't seen for too many years to mention, I found some headphones that I knew I had but had no idea where they were. I found some journals that I had previously started but hadn't finished and a journal I did 10 years ago. The unfinished journals have now been added to my finish pile (it's really a list) and I have enjoyed looking at the journal from the past. So I don't know how really effective all this I am doing is going to be, hopefully by December 31, 2015 I will have accomplished quite a lot.

Yesterday I was at Family Dollar, it seems like I live there, and went to their version of the craft area to get me some more poster paint. That stuff is $1.00, basically primary colors and I love it. While I was there I saw some kids party favor type stuff. They had these little mini uno decks and some decks of marvel playing cards for kids. The latter had a war and rummy game in them. I thought these would be great for making tags and stuff to put in my journals.

Uno deck compared to standard deck and game card deck

uno cards in process of being altered

Journal tag

Mini tags made from Uno cards

Journal card

Large Tag with 2 pockets containing mini tags and journal card


  1. The Dollar Store is great fun for crafting stuff. Somehow, even though everything's a dollar, I can't seem to get out of there for less than $30!